Transform your company with a Growth Strategy

Develop a roadmap that will help you exit daily business operations and bring a real freedom.
In 4 weeks, gain clarity on overall business model, know your future steps, pack irresistible offer and be equipped with an in-depth business analysis.
Implement the best practices and grow
Our Values
Sculptos is marketing-sales agency that breaks the gap between two sides to grow your business with a confidence. We've collected experience after working in huge companies as Coca-Cola, Nestle, CNL TV channel, and have clients in areas like SaaS, ecommerce, fashion, sports management, food production, service providing companies.
We value systematic approach to every business aspect: marketing, sales, hiring, training, etc. and dedicate our time and efforts to building stable foundation using these systems, rather than making occasional promotions.
The most recent client

We equipped company with marketing automation for studios and subscription platform

Our Approach to Business Growth Strategy
We take transformation steps together
From point A
  • High workload weeks
  • High owner's involvement
  • Low client retention rate
  • Make random marketing activities to survive
  • Chaos between team members' responsibilities
  • Owners/Managers don't have an idea how to sell more, reached glass ceiling
to point B
  • Owners/Managers gained clarity & confidence in business model
  • Managers gained more control and transparency on team
  • Management team knows what next steps to take for growth
  • Company got packed Bold Offer and supportive business analysis
Ready to accelerate your company's growth?
Sculpting the Strategy
Together we set a foundation for your business model that will allow  to open new locations or launch add-on business divisions. So many opportunities for Growth! Using our guidelines we lead you through extensive process using video calls, Slack conversations.
Combine Business Analysis to draw a Strategic Vision
We create a System for a predictable flow of leads and prepare a roadmap that every new user will go through before making the purchase.We don’t want to rely on occasional “lucky” sales, spend money on Incentivized Marketing, instead we select specific Traffic Source, create Offers for each group of target audience, 3-in-1 Channels of Communication.
  • Sculpt Strategy: combine business systems
  • Understand your core business metrics
  • Combine in-depth competitive analysis
  • Identify groups of Target Audience
  • Plan the most consumable content
  • Set Goals, KPIs and Roadmap for each business system

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