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On-boarding Process
The process of an on-boarding new client is like introducing your whole family to wifey on the Christmas dinner.
After making a purchase, we plan a process to welcome new clients to your company. This process is called on-boarding. A new client comes with a full expectation to get excellent service or a product. However, that level of happiness and excitement may drop immediately if the client doesn't know how to use your product. To be able to exceed his level of expectations we plan the way how to uncover all the value of your store/app/studio/platform, etc. Make the fresh client happy, excited, knowledgable, eliminate resistance by answering most of the questions. In SaaS companies, this phase is a crucial factor when the user signed up for a free trial and needs to decide either to make the first purchase or not.
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Client Retention
Once a person became your client it doesn’t mean he will stay.
We help companies of all sizes to create a system around the client retention and engagement.To be able to do that we analyze why people want to continuously use your services and for what reasons they stop.
Among many retention instruments we plan and execute:
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Promotion Campaigns (Giveaways, Coupons, etc)
  • Referral Programs

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