Transferring from "lucky" to predictable sales

We arrange the magical moment of purchase

Why sales don't happen the way you want it to be? There are several reasons for that. Companies don't communicate with prospects consistently, hoping for referrals or for a word of mouth, improper Ads spending, ineffective organic outreach, or in worst case - having good amount of leads in CRM without contacting.

We treat every new person who gave us his contact data as a gem and use a systematic multi-channel approach for a communication.
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Components of a Conversion System
Conversion Funnel
We create a System for a predictable flow of leads and prepare a roadmap that every new user will go through before making the purchase.We don’t want to rely on occasional “lucky” sales, spend money on Incentivized Marketing, instead we select specific Traffic Source, create Offers for each group of target audience, 3-in-1 Channels of Communication.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Setup Marketing Automation
  • Integrate funnel with your existing system (CRM, project management, payment solutions, etc)
  • Develop essential parts - landing pages, sequences, collateral
  • Develop SMS, Email, Messenger, website chat bot and other sequences
Immediate Follow Up
Imagine a person just submitted a web form from your Ad or website, your Sales Rep receives automatic call from us in 60 seconds with all the information about the lead, and call to the lead immediately. Wow! In average sales reps call after 72 hours after receiving a form, and lose a lot of opportunities! We help you to qualify warm leads fast, be responsive, persistent, work effectively on each person.
  • Immediately transfer data to your Sales Rep.
  • We combine a mix of phone calls, messages, emails with an optimum intervals to persistently re-attempt to reach every lead.
  • If your Sales Reps aren't available at this moment, we offer our agents, who will call during first minute to every lead, will be trained by your sales script, take care of the follow up. Please contact us for all the details about Call System.
  • We dive deep, analyze your phone calls, demos, find critical issues and identify possible reasons why purchase didn't happen. Based on that finding we develop qualifying sales scripts for phone calls, meetings or presentations.
Ongoing Funnel Optimization & Tracking
Working with us means being partners on a consistent basis.
Funnel is the way people naturally will buy your products, our goal is to carve and modify it to make more sales happen. We test, tweak and improve funnel steps to increase conversion rates.
  • Funnel Optimization is supported with new content creation, every web page is modified for better SEO results and each Ad Copy is tested for better performance.
Sales & Marketing Collateral
We want to be sure that your company is equipped with all necessary materials that will accelerate the growth. Be prepared to handle objections, educate, motivate, entertain and sell to customers.
  • Sales Letters, specific email sequences that convert more customers
  • Wide range of Video production: we create scripts and make video production. Among videos can be Sales Videos, Webinars, "What to expect on a Call", Testimonial, Corporate & Interview Videos.
  • Graphic, 3D & Web Design: we are proud to work with an amazing talents and develop high-quality work. Please contact us to see recent projects.

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