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7 Unusual Unique Green Candles for Christmas Season - All Shades of Greens

These green pillar candles add a touch of magic to your Christmas table! It doesn’t matter if you want to create a large candle centerpiece or use a couple of table candles for the most romantic evening date – these tiered candles will bring you a spirit of joy.



ARRIS Emerald Green Pillar Candles

Greek column candles with striped pattern in a perfect rich vivid emerald green tone. Mix and match cylinder and square pillar candles to make unique combinations!


STRIPE Dusty Green Pillar Candles

Hourglass shaped pillar candles in a seasonal sage green tone add charm to a sideboard or console table. Add a touch of color to mantel decorations by combining pedestal candles with candle holders of different heights.

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Hunter Green Pillar Candles

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PRIMAVERA Green Taper Candles

Choose a pair of unique twisted candlesticks from hunter green to an emerald green tone. These wavy taper candles are available in 2 heights.


WINGS Green Taper Candles

Decorative taper candles in a geometric wing shape will drop the jaws of any family member! Arrange these funky candle sticks with tall aesthetic pillar candles for the romantic chic table setting.


STRIPE Dark Olive Green Taper Candles

With olive green striped candle sticks, you can create the most memorable holiday table decoration. The ribbed taper candles are made from a custom soy and beeswax blend and feature the classic hourglass shape. Bring a great unique candle gift set to the table!


PRIMAVERA Tall Green Taper Candles

These decorative wavy taper candles make an interesting focal point in your decor because of their height and vibrant emerald green color. Sculptural candles will add soft texture and dimension to your Christmas table decor. Consider adding small pillar candles to create an elegant seasonal candle centerpiece.


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